Island Inspiration

This past weekend we took a day trip to Useppa Island with my in-laws.  Useppa is just a boat ride away but you feel like you're on vacation once you step foot on this tiny island.  We explored, ate a yummy lunch, and walked on the beach with the kiddos.  Aside from our oldest feeling a little sea sick, it was a fun ride and Conrad's first time on a boat!

It was also the perfect opportunity for me to test one of my new necklaces (for comfort), the Anchor Fleur De Lys.  Since moving back to Florida I've mostly been working on nautical inspired pieces.  I'm loving the smaller vintage anchor necklaces but this piece is a little larger so I paired it with one my smaller ones.  I was excited to make this particular necklace since I'm a sucker for both the Fleur De Lys design and anchors.

A Space Of My Own

We finally completed our office/studio space.   It's a relatively small room that we wanted as an office, craft room, and studio.  My husband is super handy and a big DIY-er so luckily we could make it exactly as we wanted it and on a reasonable budget.  

I needed a workbench that I could basically destroy, so we painted it white and called it a day.  Since the room and bench are small, I opted to put my tools on the wall for more table space.  (FYI, I used Martha Stewarts Liquid Guiding for the gold palm leaves on the pegboard.  This stuff is amazing!)

Beneath the workbench are a couple of shelves that house my packaging supplies.  The girls  need storage for their craft items too, so I'm still feeling this one out.

My favorite part of this whole space; the kids silhouettes that I had done at EcoBaby and Home.  If you've never seen a silhouette artist work, it's memorizing.  He took less than 5 minutes on each child, freestyle cutting.  Perfect end results.

Photo credit goes to Angel America Elza (aside from Conrad and my selfie above:)

Jewelry Storage Inspo

We have recently made (yet another) out of state move.  As the saying goes, "there's no place like home" so we are back in Florida!  With our growing family, being surrounded by loved ones is a priority.  Although I am not a fan of the humidity, chain stores at every corner and general over development; I have missed the familiarity that is our sunshine state.  Oh, plus I've just missed sunshine in general!  Vermont will always hold a special place in my heart but I'll have to get my fix of that fresh mountain air through visits during the beautiful fall months (not the negative 20 temps!), ha.

As for now we are renting a cute little place in a great part of town.  But most of our belongings will stay boxed up, lonely and missed. Since we have been house hunting and dreaming of new beginnings, I started thinking about my studio space as well as my own personal jewelry storage.  After hours on Pinterest I found a collection of images and websites that I can reference when the time comes to unbox my gems and my Blue Blood inventory.  I thought I would share a few images for inspiration.  I can't take credit for these but you can find them on my Pinterest or sources below.

There are so many creative ideas when it comes to storing your jewelry.  I'm not a huge fan of jewelry boxes as I think they clutter your space and leave your jewelry in clumps and tangles.  Maybe just a sweet little jewelry box for the everyday pieces.  But what does one do with all the other baubles you collect throughout the years?  Those big bangle bracelets, beaded necklaces, and rings that need to be visually seen and easily chosen...

I love felt lined drawers.  Adding a glass top is exactly what I would get or diy for visibility.  The drawers can be customized for your style and lends a cleaner less cluttered look than table top displays.

Another option I am a fan of is the built in.  If you're handy this could be a total DIY weekend project.  ;)

Although items on the wall can begin to look cluttered, I liked the looks in these two images.  The left seems to be a whole jewelry room (oh what fun my girls would have!) and the wall frames on the right are simple & organized.  A great option for someone with a smaller jewelry collection.

I'll be aspiring to one of these looks or a combo of them.  I hope it added a little sparkle and inspiration for you too!