and a dream was born

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Hiya!  I'm so excited to have my website up!  I really want to thank Rebecca Macomber, Ross Evans and Caleb Foster for inspiring me and making it happen.  I initially wanted my rings for personal use but with a few words of wisdom, nudges here and there, I made the leap to reach for one of many dreams.  I'm so thankful for my support system (you know who you are, wink wink) and I'm happy to not only express my creativity but challenge myself in this business endeavor.  It's been a while as I've been knee deep in potty training, tiny bite size food, and the continual- but amazing- upkeep that comes along with crazy kids.  Ha!  Having time in the studio with Rebecca has given me an outlet that I've missed very much.  I honestly never thought I would get involved with metal as a medium but I enjoy the process of seeing what may look like scraps evolve into something beautiful.  It's the best feeling in the world to know I've actually made something!  So, I hope ya'll enjoy my shop and perusing the rest of the site.  I will try and build my inventory up so there are more choices when shopping.  Thanks for stopping by, much love, hugs & kisses!  XO, Stephanie