Un Weekend á Montréal

Salut!  Over the weekend I road tripped it with Britnee and Amanda to beautiful Montreal.  One night was surely not enough time to explore but I don't think we did half bad either.

We enjoyed our mommies night out at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I desperately tried to find some quaint boutiques filled with unique jewelry but in all honestly, we were caught up in big city shopping and uncomfortably cold weather.  So, sorry I can show you anything about the arts in Montreal.  But the bright side is I can always go back and explore as I hear they have a great art scene.

It's been an interesting 2014 thus far and Montreal gave me the centering I needed.  I love everything about the French lifestyle there.  It's language, it's food, it's overall culture.   Vermont is closest I can get to France in the US and luckily Montreal is just around the corner & gives me the fix I need.  Dinner at Rosalies & shopping at normal chain stores was refreshing.  Montreal is architectural illuminating & artfully refreshing if you need a spark of inspiration.   I hope you'll enjoy the photos.