A Space Of My Own

We finally completed our office/studio space.   It's a relatively small room that we wanted as an office, craft room, and studio.  My husband is super handy and a big DIY-er so luckily we could make it exactly as we wanted it and on a reasonable budget.  

I needed a workbench that I could basically destroy, so we painted it white and called it a day.  Since the room and bench are small, I opted to put my tools on the wall for more table space.  (FYI, I used Martha Stewarts Liquid Guiding for the gold palm leaves on the pegboard.  This stuff is amazing!)

Beneath the workbench are a couple of shelves that house my packaging supplies.  The girls  need storage for their craft items too, so I'm still feeling this one out.

My favorite part of this whole space; the kids silhouettes that I had done at EcoBaby and Home.  If you've never seen a silhouette artist work, it's memorizing.  He took less than 5 minutes on each child, freestyle cutting.  Perfect end results.

Photo credit goes to Angel America Elza (aside from Conrad and my selfie above:)